• OPAQUE: Online experiential events
    and an in house learning product

  • Experiential large events
    facilitating important conversations 

  • SPACE:
    Helping each other's wellbeing and having 'that' conversation

  • Helping teams to adapt and improve
    performance while working remotely

  • Actors who facilitate
    Bringing learning to life

  • Just enough process for people 
    to get the job done (virtual training)

Putting people back at the heart of projects and change

SPACE: Helping Each Other's Wellbeing, and Having 'That' Conversation

Mental wellbeing affects all of us every day, and yet how often are we asked about it? Our ability to be vulnerable and talk about it with another person is almost always somewhere on the path to better mental health, but this requires a listener with just the right intention, mindset and nuanced set of skills. 

Putting people back at the heart of projects and change

Are you finding that:
  • Methodology and software are not making the difference for project delivery?
  • People and stakeholders bring the greater challenges?
  • What collaboration there is breaks down at organisation boundaries?
  • Change is happening, but there is a lack of real people engagement?
  • You do training, but any change in behaviour fades fast.
  • Your team events and away days lack energy and a cutting edge.

If any ring true, then we may be able to help.

People Deliver Projects provides a range of training, facilitation, coaching and consultancy services; which help our customers to deliver projects and change.
We have a number of services available that have been adapted and created during the Covid pandemic. These enable people and teams to continue to work and learn, even when working remotely.
What we do:

Develop people capability, in people skills and leadership, with just enough process to get the job done.

Helping our customers with live project and change delivery and with their project management approach.

Experiential events and away days which truly engage audiences of all sizes.

Facilitate important team experiences which tackle and raise team performance.

Who we do it for

Over 100 customers across all sectors. Over recent years we have worked with: ARM, BBC, Environment Agency, Metrolinx, Network Rail, National Nuclear Laboratory, National Physical Laboratory, Nationwide, Oxford Instruments, Royal London, RS Components, Sellafield, Transport for London.

Introducing Oscar...

During the current Covid 19 climate, we've made a series of light and engaging short videos on topical remote working themes, including: Home working challenges, wellbeing, health and safety and project management life. The aim is to engage a remote work force, to give a light lift to employee communications, training and team meetings. Find out more

Royal London

Dianne Rowney

"You realise then that the people who don’t normally speak, then have that passion."


Simon Higdon

"The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we engaged people deliver projects to work with senior teams across the BBC."

Sarah Calcott

"Frustrating, uncomfortable, challenging… Brilliant."

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