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We have moved our public events online. Replacing live theatre with interactive video, these facilitated workshops will use a metaphoric project story to provoke and carry the learning. Around the story, there will be learning content and audience interaction: In breakouts and using polls, the audience can interrogate the characters, experiment with their behaviour, and in the end take control of the story. Our aim is to bring enjoyment and impact, instead of Zoom fatigue, to the online world.

OPAQUE: Multi Client Event (2023 Calendar)

(Online) Attendance on both days

We will be running three OPAQUE sessions across two half days in 2023. This online multi-company event is run on a ‘pay per seat’ basis, at £300 each, or five places for the price of four (plus VAT)

Putting project process on one-side, the learning will be on the behaviour - How our communication builds the relationships which enable us to deliver.  We examine collaboration working up and down, and across the organisation, with our stakeholders and teams.   We will look specifically at stakeholder engagement, working with resistance, building high trust relationships.  Applying Emotional Intelligence to the conversations of projects and change.

The multi-company structure of this event is for organisations who…

  • Have a small team that you want to go through it
  • Have a smaller budget and want to get value for money for a few attendees
  • Are already OPAQUE customers, and have new starters that you want to experience it too
  • Independent consultants


  • Want a learning environment with sharing across different organisations and sectors.

Audience size is capped at 30 to preserve quality.

If you’d like to come to an event, please get in touch with Jess at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We don't currently have any upcoming face to face events in the diary. 

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