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In the midst of the Covid 19 lockdown, we're finding that our clients need to engage their workforces more than ever while they are working from home. In collaboration with notsobigfilms, we have created a library of short free videos on topical remote working themes, giving a 'light lift' to online communications. These themes include: Home working challenges, wellbeing, safety, Project Management life, and more.

The aim is to engage a remote working force, give support, stay connected and provoke discussion. They are deliberately light-hearted and not prescriptive, and yet under each is a serious theme.  Humour unites people, especially in difficult times and by being enigmatic, Oscars don’t coerce and are therefore respectful to the audience.  They can stand alone, or dovetail with key messages. 

If you would like to see our full library of Oscar videos and select your own free box set, please get in touch. 

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