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  • BBC

    Simon Higdon - BBC

    Head of BBC Project Portfolio

    Leading Projects from Above (as the Sponsor)

    A series of two-hour sponsor workshops for senior teams across the BBC functions, channels and regions.

    The BBC is constantly in the public eye, both loved and criticised. It is the most facinating place to work. The change load is high. Change programmes are difficult. The role of the accountable sponsor is taken very seriously.

    The Job was to bring sharpened focus on the role of the sponsor as the accountable leader of change.

    Our Solution provided short experiential workshops for groups of busy Deliver Projects. It was light on theory, strong on application and leadership. By being enjoyable and interactive, sponsors engage and committed to the learning process.

    "People Deliver Projects brought a refreshing approach to improving the sponsorship of projects and change, at a time when the BBC was keen to strengthen this vital capability. Like other organisations, we had found that sponsorship was easy to write down and learn in theory, but very hard to apply well. Andy Taylor, alongside his brilliant team of actors, used scenarios based on real experiences that we had encountered. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Our most senior managers found the experience to be practical and innovative, and engaged People Deliver Projects to work with senior teams across the Corporation."

  • Leaseplan

    David Hirst - Leaseplan

    Programme Office Manager

    Building Closer Collaboration across the teams in Business Change

    An experiential team event for forty project managers, business analysts and PMO staff.

    Leaseplan is a growing business with a burgeoning change portfolio. Growth means a bigger IT and Business Change organisation, more load and more pressure.

    The job was to design and deliver a team event to build high trust collaboration across the three functions and a culture which respects differences, such that the united team can deliver more and better customer outcomes.

    Our Solution used an improvised metaphoric story called Zoome, adopting a cycle team metaphor to bring out the issues and generate audience debate. Learning themes included: Collaborative problem solving, difficult conversations and building high trust relationships.

    "We recognised that embedding the process was only part of the solution; we also needed to strengthen the collaboration between teams. People Deliver Projects created an innovative way to bring these two elements together and deliver a session that was both engaging for participants and got the messages across. The actors, who are also coaches, brought the whole story to life and allowed the participants to really see the issues and then try out solutions in a completely safe environment."

  • Atkins

    Tim Featherstone-Griffin - Atkins

    Product Director

    Delivering Customer Projects

    A people skills training programme for fifty Group IS project deliverers.

    Atkins is a mature project organisation, with sound process and governance. Like many we work with, the biggest challenge is when delivering complex change projects out into a multi-divisional envirornment.

    The job was to complement the established process capability with new and stretched people skills for working with demanding customers across divisional boundaries.

    Our Solution used an expierential two-day training workshop, with actors creating realistic scenarios in skills practice and forum theatre. The learning content included all-round influencing skills and homed in on the high quality conversations that build trusted stakeholder relationships.

    "This is different, and it recognises a truth so obvious that I'm amazed you appear to be the only company out there doing what you do."

  • Friends Provident

    Andrew Turner - Friends Provident

    Head of PM Practice

    The Voice of Change

    A purpose-designed development programme for a newly centralised team of 100 change project managers and business analysts.

    Friends Provident is a long established business with a supportive people culture, which in recent years has experienced huge change. While delivering major change, the change team itself was centralised and reduced in size and, at the same time, expected to step up to own more complete outcomes on bigger projects.

    The job was to equip the change project managers and lead analysts with the requisite awareness and skills on the people-side of leading change projects.

    Our Solution was co-created with the innovative team at Friends. The result was a nine month programme including self-assessment, workshops and a closing refresh day. The training time was split equally between trainer-led workshops, and four days of actor-led action learning sets in small groups.

    "I don't think I've ever described personal development as exciting ... until now."

    "The experiential element sets People Deliver Projects apart; delivered to a level of quality that continually amazes me"

  • British Red Cross

    Samantha Muir - British Red Cross

    Project and Programme Office Manager

    "Quicksand" - Delivering change in the third sector

    A multi-organisation, not-for-proft event for third sector organisations

    British Red Cross generously hosted this event. Also attending were: Tearfund, Cancer Research UK, RNIB, IAVI and St John Ambulance. Thirty five participants in all.

    The job needed to solve two problems; how to focus accurately on the specific challenges of delivering change in the voluntary sector, and in a format which gave high quality people development at a price affordable for third sector training budgets.

    Our Solution

    We wrote a special scenario set in the future in the metaphoric world of a fictitious island in the Thames Estuary, and a project to deliver social regeneration going through a renewal programme. The audience discussed the behaviour, interacted with the characters, and eventually took control of the action, shaping it's final outcome. Mixed in were audience debates and learning workshops on change behaviour and stakeholder engagement.

    “I have worked with People Deliver Projects to deliver several workshops and it is always a great partnership. I love the interaction their style brings which encourages real learning and self reflection. It really challenges your thinking and is a refreshing way to learn and develop yourself.”

    “The Quicksand event allowed us to create an environment that was relevant to us and other Third Sector organisations, with volunteers and not just paid staff scenarios. The team took great care to make sure that the Quicksand scenario was ‘right’ and would aid our learning. The discussions around change were particularly helpful to understand where volunteers might be in coming to terms with the change that faces them. The event was very well received and we had great feedback with people taking specific personal learning away with them to implement into their projects.”

  • Oxford Instruments

    Claire Flint - Oxford Instruments

    Group HR Director

    Post Acquisition Integration - A listening conversation

    Creating the team trust which gave OI's biggest acquisition the best possible start

    Oxford Instruments is a rare thing- A successful and growing British technology business. In 2014 OI acquired Andor another succesful growing business. Andor is Northern Ireland's biggest technology business and Andor was Oxford's biggest ever acquisition. Both had strong confident leadership teams.

    The Job was to give integration the best possible start; on the quality of the relationships and the vital ingredient of trust.

    Our Solution was a facilitated proces, over two days, the two leadership teams talked and, more importantly, listened to each other. The principle was that only when the acquirer and acquired have a foundation of mutual and equal respect, then the tough work of integration can succeed.

    "We keep going to People Deliver Projects, because they always think of us long term, ahead of any one piece of business."

  • Sellafield

    Alan Haile - Sellafield

    Head of Projects

    High performing relationships for high performing teams

    A series of team workshops for critical decommissioning projects

    Sellafield projects are complex, long and with critical deadlines to deliver the safe decommissioning of the Cumbria nuclear facility.  Programmes have integrated project teams working with both internal functions and strategic external partners.

    The Job was to help an innovative leadership team to build high performing relationships across their partner network.

    Our Solution worked from the 'inside-out', with the leaders of each team designing and leading their own team events, facilitated by us.

    ‘Within our project team at Sellafield Limited we realised that to improve project delivery a key part of that was developing strong relationships both internally and with the supply chain. We engaged People Deliver Projects who have worked closely with us now for a couple of years, helping us to develop our thinking and then working with the project teams and the external partners to implement.  Mike Cambray’s workshops have been well received, with some real fun and of course tackling the serious business issues.  It has challenged us all, and we are confident it has strengthened relationships and led to improved performance.

  • Royal London

    Rosslyn Barr - Royal London

    Head of Change Portfolio Management

    Stakeholder Skills for Project Managers

    A one-year rolling development programme for project managers, who deliver business change.

    Royal London has a long heritage in financial services, and now has a dynamic market-focused group strategy, and with it comes a big and growing change agenda.

    The Job was to equip the central team of project managers to deliver bigger outcomes on more complex projects, by focusing on their stakeholder management skills.

    Our Solution was co-designed with our client team.  Much more than just training, the programme for each project manager was extended over a year, starting with learning workshops and backed up by a flexible follow-on service of small group action-sets and one-to-one coaching.  Our final purpose was to create a self-driven learning culture so that we could leave and the benefits are still coming.

    “The People Deliver Projects approach is fantastic! We’ve done a number of these workshops now, and I never fail to get pleasure in seeing people start the session cynically waiting for ‘death by powerpoint’, then 10 minutes later being absorbed 110% in the action and learning more than they’ll ever get from a text book or traditional training course. The follow up sessions means it sticks too. You can’t ask for more.”

  • Nationwide

    James Powell - Nationwide

    Strategy Development Manager

    Project Manager to Leader

    A three day outdoor high potential leaders programme using classic yacht sailing on the English Channel.

    Nationwide is constantly seeking to develop its talent as an integral part of building a high performing Business Transformation organisation.

    Our Job was to create a powerful and different learning experience for high potential leaders from Nationwide's Business Transformation team.  The aim was to create an environment in which leaders can build awareness of their own leadership and team working.

    Our Solution

    Sailing a nineteenth century yacht is a metaphor for project leadership and teamwork, while stripping away the safe conventions of corporate office life.  From a zero base the groups learn to sail, compete in a major race and transform themselves into a successful self-led crew itself a remarkable accomplishment in just three days. In a Lightly facilitated process, concluding with an individual coaching surgery, each participant reflected on their own success, taking concrete learning back into their workplace.

    "People Deliver Projects truly understand that people are what make organisations tick.  Andy and his team perfectly balance honesty, authenticity, and challenge, with creativity and good humour.  The outstanding feedback from colleagues is testament to the quality of their work, and makes doing my job a pleasure."

  • BSkyB

    Keith Martin - BSkyB

    Director of Marketing Operations

    Project Management Masterclasses

    A series of ten rapid training modules for Sky's marketing teams.

    Sky is a fast place. The culture is confident and innovative, with a 'get on with it' attitude.  People are bright and dynamic. It is no place for heavy methodology and traditional training formats.

    Our Job was to establish the fundamentals of project management and stakeholder management in this fast paced environment.

    Our Solution 

    We normally do project management in one day, Sky asked for it in  half-a-day.  We did and it worked. Just ten slides and one case study. 80% exercises, defining and planning a project scenario.

    “Fantastic to work with.  The programme enabled our people to understand how to structure their projects, the roles required, and most importantly, how to improve their stakeholder management.  Andy’s focus on people delivering projects, rather than processes, worked perfectly.  As a result we have become better at delivering change and we are achieving bigger benefits”


  • eBay

    Effie Harland - eBay

    Project Manager

    Successful Project Delivery

    A Europe-wide training programme for one hundred and twenty project deliverers.

    EBay is familiar to all of us. On the inside it is a large, motivated, young and dynamic organisation.  It is very international with many cultures across many country locations.  Change is constant, performance expectations are high. Agility is critical and there is no appetite for rigid project process.

    The Job was to introduce an approach to project management with careful balance; strong enough to work, light enough to be welcomed and used by EBay's young and very bright people. 

    Our Solution was to blend project process and project people skills in a single intense two-day workshop. Participants go through a repeating three-step cycle: Learn the process essentials, apply them on a case study, practice the conversations involved.  The blended approach built the desired engagement and helped project deliverers across the European business.

    "Really Excellent, and exactly what I needed- detailed enough to feel that I learnt a lot of new things but simple enough to apply everyday. I wish I could offer you some improvements but I'm struggling!" 

  • BBC
  • Leaseplan
  • Atkins
  • Friends Provident
  • British Red Cross
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  • Royal London
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  • BSkyB
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