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High Performing Conversations - Introducing 'Talk' 

Thursday 12th September 2019 - London, Victoria

Start 10.45am - Finish 3.45pm 
  • Experience a FREE 'short-day' experiential learning event
  • A real debate about conversations and collaboration...
  • Learning about HOW conversations change the relationships that bring about new performance…
  • No Selling.  Led by the audience, not by PowerPoint
  • Brought to life by professional actors in an improvised and interactive story

At this event we put process and technology on one-side and concentrate on behaviour. Collaboration is an overused word these days and very open to interpretation about what it is. At this event, we will ‘name and shame’ the modern ethos of harmonious organisational cultures where conflict is seen as uncollaborative. In turn we can identify the skills to avoid falling into negative adversarial conflict.

The ambition is to find the key to a more mutual collaboration - Direct, courageous and authentic – where there is genuine personal connection, conflict is creative, and mutual trust is the bedrock of collaboration. 

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