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We don't like to sell. We run free events where we just do what we do.

The Drama's of Managing Senior Stakeholders 

Wednesday 12th June 2019 (5.30pm - 9.00pm) - Change Management Institute, London

We are teaming up with the Change Management Institute to run a short evening event exploring relationships with Senior Stakeholders, hosted by ATOS Consulting. 

We'll cover the following topics:

  • • Understanding and engaging project stakeholders
  • • Getting underneath resistance to change and learning how best to work with it
  • • Building collaborative high-performing relationships across the project
  • • Learning how authentic conversations build the trust needed for successful delivery
  • For more information and to book your seat today, click here: CMI; The Drama's of Managing Senior Stakeholders

    High Performing Conversations - Introducing 'Talk' 

    Thursday 12th September 2019 - London, Victoria

    Start 10.45am - Finish 3.45pm 
    • Experience a FREE 'short-day' experiential learning event
    • A real debate about change and what it really takes to deliver...
    • How the quality of conversations and relationships shape success…
    • No Selling.  Led by the audience, not by PowerPoint
    • Brought to life by professional actors in an improvised story

    At this event we put process and technology on one-side, and concentrate on behaviour.  Collaboration is a word which is easy to say, but very open to interpretation about what ‘good’ looks like.  Here we treat it as the behaviour and relationships which deliver project results. 

    We will bring to life the human experience of teams, and how conversations, and the relationships they build, change project outcomes.  The holy grail we are seeking is high performing teams; but how as a leader, or team member, can you start having conversations which make that holy grail reachable?

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