A Recent Event

How the event was designed

We sat down with the Head of Business Change and his three team managers: PM, BA and PMO.  We established a clear outcome and listened to the colourful descriptions of the behaviour they want to move away from and to create.  From their a creative and chaotic process led to the idea of the cycling team story to bring out the behaviours to be worked on.  The scenario is a metaphoric satire of the organisation, whilst taking care not to mimick anyone.

How it's delivered

A team of one lead facilitator and four professional actors delivered a six hour event.  The schedule was a mix of acted scenes, improvised scenes with audience interaction, audience discussions and learning workshops.  The conclusion focused entirely on Leaseplan, getting the audience into a serious debate with each other about what they wanted to change.

A special ingredient

For the first time, at this event, a customer joined our team of actors and played a major part in the story, as a very bolshy customer.  It's not something we would ask for but it worked brilliantly, and Marie played it beautifully.

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