High performing relationships for high performing teams

A series of team workshops for critical decommissioning projects

Sellafield projects are complex, long and with critical deadlines to deliver the safe decommissioning of the Cumbria nuclear facility.  Programmes have integrated project teams working with both internal functions and strategic external partners.

The Job was to help an innovative leadership team to build high performing relationships across their partner network.

Our Solution worked from the 'inside-out', with the leaders of each team designing and leading their own team events, facilitated by us.


alan HaileAlan Haile
Head of Projects

‘Within our project team at Sellafield Limited we realised that to improve project delivery a key part of that was developing strong relationships both internally and with the supply chain. We engaged People Deliver Projects who have worked closely with us now for a couple of years, helping us to develop our thinking and then working with the project teams and the external partners to implement.  Mike Cambray’s workshops have been well received, with some real fun and of course tackling the serious business issues.  It has challenged us all, and we are confident it has strengthened relationships and led to improved performance.

Engagement - Enjoyment - Learning