Oxford Instruments

Post Acquisition Integration - A listening conversation

Creating the team trust which gave OI's biggest acquisition the best possible start

Oxford Instruments is a rare thing- A successful and growing British technology business. In 2014 OI acquired Andor another succesful growing business. Andor is Northern Ireland's biggest technology business and Andor was Oxford's biggest ever acquisition. Both had strong confident leadership teams.

The Job was to give integration the best possible start; on the quality of the relationships and the vital ingredient of trust.

Our Solution was a facilitated proces, over two days, the two leadership teams talked and, more importantly, listened to each other.  The principle was that only when the acquirer and acquired have a foundation of mutual and equal respect, then the tough work of integration can succeed.



claire-flintClaire Flint
Group HR Director

"We keep going to People Deliver Projects, because they always think of us long term, ahead of any one piece of business."

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