Project Manager to Leader  

A three day outdoor high potential leaders programme using classic yacht sailing on the English Channel.

Nationwide is constantly seeking to develop its talent as an integral part of building a high performing Business Transformation organisation.

Our Job was to create a powerful and different learning experience for high potential leaders from Nationwide's Business Transformation team.  The aim was to create an environment in which leaders can build awareness of their own leadership and team working.

Our Solution

Sailing a nineteenth century yacht is a metaphor for project leadership and teamwork, while stripping away the safe conventions of corporate office life.  From a zero base the groups learn to sail, compete in a major race and transform themselves into a successful self-led crew itself a remarkable accomplishment in just three days. In a Lightly facilitated process, concluding with an individual coaching surgery, each participant reflected on their own success, taking concrete learning back into their workplace.


james-powellJames Powell
Strategy Development Manager

"People Deliver Projects truly understand that people are what make organisations tick.  Andy and his team perfectly balance honesty, authenticity, and challenge, with creativity and good humour.  The outstanding feedback from colleagues is testament to the quality of their work, and makes doing my job a pleasure."


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