Friends Provident

The Voice of Change

A purpose-designed development programme for a newly centralised team of 100 change project managers and business analysts.

Friends Provident is a long established business with a supportive people culture, which in recent years has experienced huge change. While delivering major change, the change team itself was centralised and reduced in size and, at the same time,  expected to step up to own more complete outcomes on bigger projects.

The job was to equip the change project managers and lead analysts with the requisite awareness and skills on the people-side of leading change projects.

Our Solution was co-created with the innovative team at Friends. The result was a nine month programme including self-assessment, workshops and a closing refresh day. The training time was split equally between trainer-led workshops, and four days of actor-led action learning sets in small groups.


andrew-turnerAndrew Turner
Head of PM Practice

"I don't think I've ever described personal development as exciting ... until now."

"The experiential element sets People Deliver Projects apart; delivered to a level of quality that continually amazes me"


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