Successful Project Delivery

A Europe-wide training programme for one hundred and twenty project deliverers.

EBay is familiar to all of us. On the inside it is a large, motivated, young and dynamic organisation.  It is very international with many cultures across many country locations.  Change is constant, performance expectations are high. Agility is critical and there is no appetite for rigid project process.

The Job was to introduce an approach to project management with careful balance; strong enough to work, light enough to be welcomed and used by EBay's young and very bright people. 

Our Solution was to blend project process and project people skills in a single intense two-day workshop. Participants go through a repeating three-step cycle: Learn the process essentials, apply them on a case study, practice the conversations involved.  The blended approach built the desired engagement and helped project deliverers across the European business.


effie-harlandEffie Harland
Project Manager

"Really Excellent, and exactly what I needed- detailed enough to feel that I learnt a lot of new things but simple enough to apply everyday. I wish I could offer you some improvements but I'm struggling!" 

Engagement - Enjoyment - Learning