Project Management Masterclasses

A series of ten rapid training modules for Sky's marketing teams.

Sky is a fast place. The culture is confident and innovative, with a 'get on with it' attitude.  People are bright and dynamic. It is no place for heavy methodology and traditional training formats.

Our Job was to establish the fundamentals of project management and stakeholder management in this fast paced environment.

Our Solution 

We normally do project management in one day, Sky asked for it in  half-a-day.  We did and it worked. Just ten slides and one case study. 80% exercises, defining and planning a project scenario.



bSkyBKeith Martin
Director of Marketing Operations

“Fantastic to work with.  The programme enabled our people to understand how to structure their projects, the roles required, and most importantly, how to improve their stakeholder management.  Andy’s focus on people delivering projects, rather than processes, worked perfectly.  As a result we have become better at delivering change and we are achieving bigger benefits”


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