Leading Projects from Above (as the Sponsor)

A series of two-hour sponsor workshops for senior teams across the BBC functions, channels and regions.

The BBC is constantly in the public eye, both loved and criticised.  It is the most facinating place to work.  The change load is high. Change programmes are difficult. The role of the accountable sponsor is taken very seriously.

The Job was to bring sharpened focus on the role of the sponsor as the accountable leader of change.

Our Solution provided short experiential workshops for groups of busy Deliver Projects. It was light on theory, strong on application and leadership.  By being enjoyable and interactive, sponsors engage and committed to the learning process.  


simonSimon Higdon
Head of BBC Project Portfolio

"People Deliver Projects brought a refreshing approach to improving the sponsorship of projects and change, at a time when the BBC was keen to strengthen this vital capability. Like other organisations, we had found that sponsorship was easy to write down and learn in theory, but very hard to apply well. Andy Taylor, alongside his brilliant team of actors, used scenarios based on real experiences that we had encountered. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Our most senior managers found the experience to be practical and innovative, and engaged People Deliver Projects to work with senior teams across the Corporation."


Engagement - Enjoyment - Learning