Helping Live Projects

We help our customers with live project change delivery, and with their project and appraoch.

Your Need:

Where you have a critical project which needs very careful attention to help get it set-up so that it can deliver or where your project manager is learning or stepping up to bigger challenges, and needs extra support.

Our Services:

  • Project Mobilisation

Flexible coaching /consulting service against an agreed budget to help a difficult or complex project get the best possbile start. Can include one on one work with the sponsor and/or project manager, facilitating key workshops, or reviewing key stage outcomes.

  • Project Pit-Stops

A pit-stop is a quick targeted intervention for a busy sponsor. Typically half-day in duration it helps the sponsor to think through project start-up, or to step back and take a fresh view of the health of a project.

  • Project Health Checks

An independent fresh view of a project or change programme assessing how well it is set up to deliver. It can look at both people and process aspects. Both candid and collaborative.

  • Sourcing Project People

We find our customers often do not trust specialist recruiters and ask us to find new people on either a permanent or interim basis. We use our network to do this and we help to translate the need acurately to get better and quicker results.

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