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High Performing Conversations - Introducing 'Talk'

Friday 29th June 2018, London, Victoria

Start 10.45am - Finish 3.45pm 

  • Experience a FREE 'short-day' experiential learning event
  • A real debate about change and what it really takes to deliver...
  • How the quality of conversations and relationships shape success…
  • No Selling.  Led by the audience, not by PowerPoint
  • Brought to life by professional actors in an improvised story

At this event we put process and technology on one-side, and concentrate on behaviour.  Collaboration is a word which is easy to say, but very open to interpretation about what ‘good’ looks like.  Here we treat it as the behaviour and relationships which deliver project results. 

We will bring to life the human experience of teams, and how conversations, and the relationships they build, change project outcomes.  The holy grail we are seeking is high performing teams; but how as a leader, or team member, can you start having conversations which make that holy grail reachable?


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People Deliver Projects at the Association for Project Management, Midlands Branch 

16th May 2018, Coventry -  High Performing Conversations – Get your projects delivered, one conversation at a time

We will be joining the Association for Project Management on the 16th May 2018 in Coventry. Please book directly with the APM. More information to follow


People Deliver Projects at the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, London Branch

22nd May 2018, London - High Performing Conversations – Get your projects delivered, one conversation at a time

We will be joining the BCS on the 22nd May in London (The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London , WC2E 7HA). Please book directly with the BCS. More information to follow



Recent events


Project Challenge 

6th and 7th March 2018, Olympia, London

We will be exhibiting at Project Challenge on the 6th and 7th March 2018. Come down and say hello, find out more about what we do and watch a short presentation on both days. This is a free show, please register directly on the Project Challenge website

Tuesday 6th March - 11.15am. Saying what needs to be said - the conversations that get your project delivered. 

Project methodologies do not get projects delivered, people do.  In fact, we would go further; it is the quality of relationships with stakeholders and within teams that makes the real difference.  High performing relationships – the ones that lead to results – are always formed in conversations; conversations which go beyond the familiarity of tasks and the milestones - To where?

Wednesday 7th March - 11.15am. Sponsors - it's their fault isn't it?!

Sponsor behaviour is often a problem for project managers, and even where it isn’t, there could be so much more a sponsor could bring.  However, we will argue that believing sponsors don’t know how to sponsor is a myth.  We will also share how the project manager can make a tangible difference to getting the sponsor they deserve, in what is often a muddled relationship. 


People Deliver Projects at the Association for Project Management London Branch

May 24th 2017 - 6pm

Do not register on this web-site.  To register go direct to

Title: Sponsors – Can’t live with them, can’t live without them

It is easy to write down a definition of sponsorship, and there’s plenty of research which shows how important sponsorship is.  So why is it that so many sponsors seem to fall short of the mark in practice?  Do sponsors actually know how to be good sponsors?  And what about project managers and the PMO?  Do they know how to get the best from their sponsor?  One thing is certain – this relationship is critical to project success. 

In this experiential and interactive session, professional actors will play sponsor and project manager and interact with the audience on how to get this relationship right (and get it wrong).  We will baseline the sponsor role and we will also go beyond the theory to confront sponsor BEHAVIOUR, in the real action.  In the end we will make the case that project managers and PMOs get the sponsors they deserve. 

Audience contributions will be welcomed, but no one will be asked to stand up and perform.  We will do that.  There will be debate, laughter, and serious learning.  No one will be bored, we promise.

People Deliver Projects has worked with 18 organisations on sponsorship capability over the last five years.  We can share our learning on how to get sponsors in the room, and once there, how to engage them and facilitate real learning.


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Teams that Deliver

February 24th 2017, London Victoria

Start 10.45am - Finish 3.45pm 

  • Experience a FREE 'short-day' experiential learning event
  • Understand the nature of how team behaviour is linked to team results
  • Debate the hard and the soft. How positive team environments include tough mutual accountability
  • Learn how to grow high performing team relationships

Brought to life by professional actors in an improvised scenario introducing... '1984'

Our story is set in a fictitious insurance company, Biggs Brothers Mutual, during the year 1984. After a 100 year tradition of door-to-door collecting, new leadership rebrands BBM and introduces the new exciting concept of staff hubs in modern buildings called ‘Call Centres’. A crack team is formed to pioneer the change. George is plucked from his sales role to lead the project team, joined part time by Kate as Business Lead.  Kate is torn between her friendship with George and her loyalties to her front-line staff.  Technical Lead Derek is excited by PBX technology, but struggles to see beyond.  Divisional Director Kenneth tries to steer the ship, but has his own political battles to fight.Under the stress of the changes, team relationships splinter, and the friends become a team in name only.  As the project hits its low point, they are forced to face exactly what they are avoiding - each other.  Will they put their individual priorities first, or can they mutually commit to deliver the team outcome?  

At this event the audience will work live with the characters to help them get their relationships, and projects, back into gear.

Two FREE places per organisation. There is a charge if you require more; please call for information.

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