Raising team performance

With one outcome in mind raising team performance we deliver team assignments in many different ways. They create environments for important team conversations, which build the relationships upon which teams can deliver.

You and Your Needs

Your team may be a project or leadership team, either within your business or across a stakeholder/supplier network. You can have any team issue which inhibits delivery, such as: A stuck pattern of behaviour, difficulties in collaboration, ownership, or fractured relationships. On the other hand, it may not be a problem; you may want to celebrate team successes or to build relationships beyond the work.

Our Approach

We always start with you (and sometimes the team) to understand the need. The facilitator, format and duration are then chosen to fit.  We work indoors or outdoors.

Team challenges we have worked with

  • Rebuilding team relationships OUP
  • Celebrating project team success EBay
  • Building stronger supplier realtionships Sellafield
  • Post acquisition integration Oxford Instruments
  • Collaboration across teams in IT Leaseplan
  • Deepening relationships beyond the work DHL



Engagement - Enjoyment - Learning