Experiential events and away days

We design and deliver engaging and powerful events for large and small audiences. We use creative stories which are improvised and interactive so that the audience makes a real connection with your learning theme in an enjoyable and cost effective way. 

You and your need:

Large teams or communities who want to develop new skills and  behaviour around your important learning theme, or who need to engage employees with an important change.

The Event concept:

When an audience connects with the experience of a central character in a story, which feels close to home, it is drawn into the story. Then, once involved, at our events, audience members can take control of the action, interacting with characters and determining the outcome.  In so doing they take ownership of the debate and their learning.  Important conversations take place which otherwise are too often skirted around. We make sure that everyone gets stuck in, whereas normally only the vocal speak out.  There is energy, pain and laughter, instead of shuffling feet and glazed eyes.

Event themes:

The great thing about a purpose-designed event is that you can put YOUR most important learning or change theme at the centre of the day.

Examples we worked with:

  • New Leadership Behaviour BSKYB, Sellafield, Bombardier, British Gas
  • Cross Organisation Collaboration Leaseplan, Leeds City Council, Thales, Royal London
  • Stakeholder Relationships HMGCC, Anchor, BSKYB
  • Ethics Oxford Instruments
  • Gender Diversity Ebay, Oxford Instruments
  • People and Projects Welsh Assembly, Virgin Media, DHL, PMI, Nationwide
  • People and Change National Physical Laboratory, Red Cross, Shropshire County Council, Derby City Council, NHS
  • Safety Behaviour Carillion Enterprise
  • Conversations and Trust Royal London, Mundipharma
  • Making Sponsorhip Work BBC, Oxford Univeristy Press, Nationwide, Infineum, Royal London, BSKYB
  • Sales Behaviour Thales
  • Client Engagement and Relationships EDF, Friends Life 


Engagement - Enjoyment - Learning