Working principles

These are the principles that I lead the team with. In the end it is for our customers to judge our delivery agaist them.

About Customers

  • What comes first and last is the customer outcome; why we get out of bed.
  • Never blame the customer, even though they are not always right.
  • Never over-sell or do the wrong job. If the customer can do it without us, that is good.
  • We are not all-knowing, nor are our customers; no one is.
  • We say what needs to be said, not what is wanted to be heard.
  • Customer relationships are the most important thing we have; think 10 years, not one job.


About the Work

  • Projects are fantastic things; bad project management can kill the spirit.
  • Methodology is necessary but over-rated; process should be just enough to get the job done.
  • Leadership cannot be learned in class alone; our services must also reach point of use at the time of need.
  • We cannot 'change' the client; we create experiences from which they accelerate their own learning.
  • We are lucky to do this work; so let's bloody well enjoy it.

Engagement - Enjoyment - Learning