Point of view

We think the project management profession has a problem.

Being clear and honest ........Process is important, software can make process more efficient, but neither come close to being sufficient for delivery.  Only talented, confident and committed people make succesful delivery a reality.

We believe in great project management. We support the PMI and APM. (the RPP programme is a very positive step.)  However, we still see a disturbing cycle of behaviour which treats methodology too much as the answer.  Organisations want the security of accredited systems. Comprehensive 'bodies of knowledge' give a sense of comfort. Project managers want recognised qualifications and (understandably) a positive career box ticked.  The institutions promote this agenda, tied to their frameworks and the consultants and trainers lap it up, selling overly complex tools and rigid methodologies which don't make the needed difference.  The big consultancies want to sell (very) big solutions, which make their clients feel anxious if they don't buy.  In turn, the types of people who are attracted to method and structure are drawn into the profession and advocate even more of the same.  And so it goes on.  In the end the losers are the most important people of all; those who need great projects delivered.

This cycle of institutionalisation we do NOT believe in.  While it has succesfully got project management on the map, it has also damaged the heart of what projects are about. At risk of losing friends, we think these things should be said. It is at the root of how People Deliver Projects came about and we continue to battle with it every day.



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