How we deliver

Our people development

  • Spans the process and people dimensions of project and change delivery.
  • Covers the range from working level teams to senior sponsors.
  • Translates high-end leadership development to the world of the project manager.
  • Is experiential; professional actors bring colour, enjoyment, reality and impact.
  • Concentrates on engagement and experience ahead of theory. There isn't much powerpoint!
  • Has an emotional impact, because intellectual 'masterclasses' do not lead to changed behaviour.

Our assignment approach

  • Comes in many formats; one- to- one, small group, workshop, large audience, Indoor and outdoor
  • Listens to understand accurately the real customer need
  • Co-creates events and programmes which imaginatively meet that need
  • Applies sustaining mechanisms to lock-in learning and make it stick
  • Asks if your need has been met; we never assume that we have


Engagement - Enjoyment - Learning